Amarula yoghurt panna cotta with champagne strawberries


Warning: This recipe may well be the beginning of the end for every other panna cotta recipe you know. And don’t bother kilojoule counting with this one: it’s alllll bad! 😀

Panna cotta 1

I chose this creamy treat as the main dessert for the fancy dinner I made for my friend’s birthday. And here’s the recipe for you to try, courtesy of Sharon Glass‘s beautiful cookbook Sweet Endings.


You’ll need:

1 T gelatine

2 T cold water

500 ml thick cream

1/2 C castor sugar

1/4 C honey

2 t vanilla essence

500 ml vanilla yoghurt


250 g strawberries

3 T castor sugar

1/4 C champagne



1. Prepare 6 one-cup ramekins or pudding bowls by rubbing them with some sunflower oil. Set aside.

2. Place gelatine and water together in a small bowl and soak.

3. Heat cream, sugar, honey and vanilla in a pot.

4. Add gelatine and whisk to dissolve.

5. Remove from stove. Cool slightly, then stir in the yoghurt and the Amarula.

6. Pour into prepared ramekins and set in the fridge for a few hours.

For the strawberries:

7. Slice the strawberries. Toss them with the castor sugar and champagne.

8. Leave to marinate for about half an hour. Serve on the side with the panna cotta.

Amarula yoghurt panna cotta with champagne strawberries


  • You guessed it: this is a very rich dessert, despite its subtle flavours. You could easily halve the portions in each bowl and thus serve more than 6 guests, especially if you’re serving this as part of a larger meal.
  • I spooned a little more Amarula over the top of the dessert, and decorated each serving with some pearl dragees.

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