Goals #59 and 91 – and an unexpected blessing


Two of my goals were related to New Year’s Day, so I could check them off as 2013 began. Unfortunately I didn’t get great photos of #59 (Stay up for new year countdown with friends) or of #91 (Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s), so hopefully I can try photograph those moments again next 31 Dec 🙂

I achieved the first goal by attending a chilled braai (BBQ) with Ninja and a handful of friends. And I achieved the second with the help of my husband, of course!


Speaking of New Year’s, when we were driving home, just before 2 a.m., I had an amazing experience helping some baby birds. Two crowned lapwings (plovers) were trying to protect their tiny chicks at the side of the road. The adorable little fluffballs were frozen in shock at the traffic, so Ninja stopped our car and I jumped out to move them to safety.

Never in my life have I held such tiny, lightweight creatures! I could barely feel I was holding those little chicks. I scooped them up gently as their poor harried parents bowed low with spread wings and anxiously cried kreee! kreee! kreee! Eventually I was able to get the little ones further away from the road. Back in the car, I managed to take a pic of them… it’s very dark and blurry, but I hope you can still make out the fluffy balls under their protective parent:

Birdie blessing

They were heartmeltingly cute! Such a blessing from the Lord, and a wonderful start to the new year 🙂


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