Sour apple surprise salad


The penultimate course in our 7-course dinner was a simple salad with a surprising bite.

8_Course 6

In hindsight, I’d say that the almonds should have been roasted rather than curried. The curry clashed too much with the chili flavour of the dessert. But you can do the almonds any way you like, so here’s the recipe:

Small pack baby salad leaves

1 sour green apple (Granny Smith), peeled, cored and cubed

Fried bacon bits (optional; I only used them because I had some left over from the ‘shrooms)

Cheddar cheese, cubed (Curry and cheese? What was I thinking?!)

Almonds, blanched and quartered (I fried mine in curry powder and lemon juice, but I suggest roasting them instead)

Then, as Jamie would say, ‘whack it all together’ and enjoy. You can vary this salad as much as you like (I sometimes wonder why we post salad recipes at all; the fun of it is in the spontaneous variety). I just used what I had on hand. In all honesty, though, I really just threw the salad together absentmindedly, because my tastebuds were already tingling at the thought of the dessert… 😉


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