Lemon and thyme sorbet


The fourth course in our fancy dinner was a palate cleanser – or, as Ninja quipped later after a little too much wine, a ‘planet cleanser’! This was the only recipe on our menu that I didn’t adapt or rework at all. The recipe I used is here.

Lemon and thyme sorbet

Unfortunately, even though I made this the day before, it didn’t freeze properly in time for our meal. So it came out looking more like lemon and thyme spittle. But it was edible spittle, nonetheless 😉 If I make it again I’ll freeze it for several days beforehand.

Adding a sorbet to the menu was a good idea, but this one turned out very sour. We barely sampled a teaspoon each, and our palates were thoroughly scoured (and the planet too, no doubt). Although the recipe needs adjustment to get rid of the hardcore acidity, it was refreshing and did its job in preparing our mouths for the flavours of the main course.


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