Goal #52


For the 7th anniversary of our first date, Ninja and I celebrated with a 7-course dinner at home! In so doing, I ticked off another goal on my 101 in 1001 list, namely #52: Make a 7-course dinner. The evening was truly amazing. I’ll be posting recipes for the various courses in separate posts, but for now here are a few pics:


The 7 dishes I put together

Table decor

The theme was ‘damask and hot pink’, which worked really well


A highlight from the overall theme

The dinner went off without a hitch and I had more fun than stress throughout. Ninja was blown away! It was the first time I’d made such a large meal, but I prepped well in advance and it was manageable. I’d definitely like to try a similar dinner party again, perhaps with fewer courses but more guests 🙂


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