Goal #16


I feel rather chuffed with myself to announce that I’ve ticked off one of my 101 goals already: #16 – Paint every nail a different colour and leave them be for a week. This was a fun goal, and definitely one of the easiest to tick off – it certainly suits my motto of celebrating all things bright and beautiful 🙂

And here’s the photographic proof, as required by item #1 on my list:


[Random unnecessary note]

The polish colours are:

1. Clear polish

2. Extreme (blue)

3. Raspberry (pink)

4. Punk (dark blue with glitter)

5. Waterpolo pink

6. Deejay (blue)

7. Overheat (red)

8. Love Notes (light pink)

9. Lime Green

10. Escape (peachy pink)

[End random note]


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  1. I can’t say this would be one of my goals, however it’s a great thing you are doing. The fashion in which you are taking on your goals is a really novel one and I hope it turns into an amazing journey for you.

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