Pancakes without eggs? Really?!


I absolutely LOVE pancakes! They have been my favourite food since I could first say the word ‘yum’ 🙂 I enjoy them with virtually any filling, from the standard cinnamon-sugar-lemon juice mix to savoury mince with potato. To my mind, the flat breads of cultures the world over (think tortillas, rotis …) are just steps towards the discovery of The Pancake! And until just this week, I thought nothing could compare to the scrumptious (though admittedly high-cholesterol) pancake recipe that my mom passed on to me:

3 eggs

1 C milk

1 T oil

1 T castor sugar

100 g flour

pinch salt

But then I forgot to buy eggs this week, even though they were on my list. So when it came to Wednesday and I saw ‘Pancakes and Tuna Salad’ listed on my monthly meal planner, I was (momentarily) disheartened. However, buoyed up by the smashing success of the eggless custard cake, I turned to dear old Google to find an egg-free pancake recipe. I tried out this one, though I did end up modifying it very quickly, as follows:

1 1/2 C flour

2 C milk (plus random extra splashes to keep the batter thin)

1 T oil

pinch salt

1 T castor sugar

I started off following Meg’s recipe, but added the salt and sugar to counter the relative tastelessness (what can I say, I missed the eggs …). I also found that if the batter was too thick, the pancakes were more like fried tortillas. So make sure you have extra milk on hand. I used a nonstick pan (not something I usually cook with) and overall the results were great.

I did miss the flavour and light fluffiness provided by the eggs in my mom’s recipe. However, the egg-free version was less oily and rich, which is a definite plus in terms of healthier eating. Another plus was Ninja’s reaction: he didn’t just like them; he thought they were far superior to the old recipe. Not as greasy to handle, a bit more filling and substantial, and obviously cheaper and better for our hearts. He’s rarely this effusive about a meal, so I sat up and took notice 🙂

The verdict? This will become my standard pancake recipe from now on, and I’ll only make the richer version on those occasions when I’m up for a special treat. It’s fantastic to have such a cheap shortcut to my favourite food!


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